Kamis, 07 November 2013


Hello everyone~
We come agaaaain :DDD
We so sorry for having very long time to update guys, because as you know we are very busy. kkk~ :p
Okay, please check our tab. We have a new fresh entry.
Hope you like it ya~ :))
Enjoy Guys~~~

Kamis, 08 Agustus 2013

We are BNA22 wanna say HAPPY EID MUBARAK 1 Syawal 1434 H, Hope Allah gives him best thing to all of us in this holy day. Amiin~
Please, Forgive us for every mistake we have done before. Thank You, Allah bless You :))

Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

Hey everybody, it's been about 6 days this blog has been created, right? Maybe some of you really really want to know what's deep inside my heart...no, what's deep inside this blog. Well, there are many things that you can find here. Start with welcome page, it contains entries like welcoming the visitors and tell the reason why this blog should be created, why it is so important seeing this blog than doing your homework. Hahaha...
Well, don't consider the previous words as a serious thing you have to keep in your mind.

And how about "All about us"? Well it contains about some unique facts of us, about our habits in dormitory, about our experience, sad,bad,happy,good.... Our story which is different, amazing, and it's real! Nothing to be unrevealed, all things are appeared in this blog frankly..

Individual profile, it's about if you want to know us more, one by one's story revealed to the visitors of blog. So that we all can easily know each other. There was such a wise word said: "Tak kenal maka tak sayang...." So guys what can you do to show your love? 

Then also, you may see some facts in science that can make you gape in long time. What is gape? Gape is situation when you see our blog with your mouth opens and it can enrich your knowledge. Study is not just about sit in the class and work hard dealing with your book right? It can be easily done by clicking our blog everyday, keep updating the facts that you may haven't known. 

Literature, here you can find poems, short stories, songs, and other written treasures. May be, for some of you guys that aim to be writer this is the best place for you to stay and it will be hard for you to click close. Well, just join with us, improve our ability in writing and reading. We are young guys. A lot of ideas are on our mind. Don't make it useless by not using it. C'mon!

School issue, this is the sub-page that you have to visit first if you don't want to be considered out of date.... Well, there are so many things hot, not hot dog okay.... The recent news from the class, the classmate, the teachers, and even school sometimes. You have to make sure that you are gonna be the first person to see the page, and it will be better actually if you give comment about the issue that you just read and we will discuss about it. Hooooot!

Art, in this sub-page maybe you will be shown how to make craft, origami, or how to draw well, in instance of giving you some information related to art and improve our creativity. Let's be creative, shall we?

Interview, there will be some people interviewed in this page, and then they will share story, share what they know so far, share the thing that we don't know, share the issues lately, share many things... then, it's gonna bring much fun to read the result of the interview...

Fashion, are you guys interested in fashion? Who says a dormer (people who live in dorm, it's my term, so maybe it's not in dictionary, haha....) can not dress well? Here, we discuss also about fashion, especially for girls.

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"We are not an idol group like Jkt48, or girlband like Girls' Generation, but we are a group of happy classmates...#bna22 #banuagene2ation"

Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Hello guys, you are now on our blog. Not the blog of Dian Pelangi, or blog of Raditya Dika but this is our real official blog of @bna22girls. 
Most Welcome! 

Well, we guess that this is the most right time to introduce about us.
We are a group of classmates in SMA Banua Kalsel Bilingual Boarding School. Banua BBS for short, is a school where the students are selected through long selection. And now here we are, the class consists of 22 girls, and no boy. (What?) Well, just forget about "no boy in our class..." it will just give sadness to us (omg)
As a school based on boarding and bilingual, we live in dorm, and we use two languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English. And so does with this blog! As we said that we live in dormitory, far from mommy and daddy, can not see them everyday, but we can see smile and laughter of 22 girls in one class. We are crazy sometimes, but we are talkative and friendly anyway. We love togetherness, we are bna22!

Here, we show you our blog, to connect you with us, to know what we are doing in school and dorm, of course we are not doing suicide, but we are doing something else more important. What is it? So that is why you have to know us by clicking this blog every week or every day or even every seconds. 
There are some teams working with this blog, they are:
1. Literature team
2. School issue team or usually called team skusu! (well, just forget about that annoying name....)
3. Art team
4. Fashion team
5. Interviewer team
6. Science fact team